There have been a huge amount of advancements in shoes if we look back a couple of decades. It has become a popular trend to make use of memory foam in the inner soles of the shoes. Before we jump towards whether they are good or not, or any other questions, let us discuss in brief about memory foam.

What is memory foam shoe?

Memory foam is a substance made with polyurethane. Several chemicals are added to it for enhancing the density. The foot molds as per the contours of the materials because of the temperature sensitivity that is possessed by the foam.

Are memory foam shoes good for flat feet or not?

It is estimated that approximately 30% of people possess flat feet. Flat feet can be tricky and there could be several problems caused due to it. Memory foam shoes could work as a great option when you possess flat feet.

It is advised by doctors that every individual with flat feet should wear well-structured shoes. The shoes shouldn’t be too cushioned or soft. This is the reason why doctors advise to use shoes with a flexible rocker platform along with a memory foam-cushioned insole. Flat feet won’t be a problem for you anymore when you wear memory foam shoes.

Who should wear memory foam shoes?

There is no restriction on anyone if they wear memory foam shoes. These shoes are an ideal choice for runners. It provides the utmost comfort which they require while running. The built-in memory foam conforms to the natural shape of your feet and supports it. Runners will feel comfortable while wearing these shoes.

Shoes with memory foam are an ideal choice for all those who have foot and leg problems such as plantar fasciitis. These shoes will ease the pressure exerted on your feet. It will relieve you of pain, stress, and pressure due to the extreme comfort it has to offer.

If you are a person who works on jobs where you need to move or stand around for prolonged periods of time. Memory foam releases stress from your feet while you stand for a long time.

Best Shoe Brand with Memory Foam

There are several brands offering shoes with memory foam in different rates, styles, colors, and usage of materials. Let us have a look at the list of some of the most popular memory foam shoes.

10 Best Memory Foam Shoes

This list has been prepared by having a look at different memory foam shoes available in the market. Out of the above-mentioned list, Fila Men’s Memory Speedstride Running Shoe is the most preferred one by plenty of people. The reason behind its popularity and high sales is because it possesses extremely soft memory foam, it has a stiff sole that can protect the feet perfectly, they are available in different colors, and they are even praised in the market for the very good tread.