How to Wear High Heels with Flat Feet

If you love wearing high heels and you know you have flatfeet, the main question comes to your mind is “Should I wear high heels without having pains?”.

Most important, check what type of flat feet you have rigid or flexible. If you have flexible, then you can wear high heels though with rigid flat feet it is not recommended to wear high heels. (Unless you go for some exercise/treatment)

Having flexible flat feet, you should consider a few things that will make your feet pain free while enjoying high heels walks.

Here I’ve compiled some of the best points to remember that can sure help you wear high heels with flat feet comfortably without any pain.

  • Precautions while wearing high heels with flat feet.

If you’re attracting wearing high heels and having flat feet then, certainly, precautions shouldn’t be avoided. What these precautions are? here you go:


    • Apart from any medical condition you can wear high heels with your flat feet.
    • First, order/buy a suitable pair with a good research. (or you can choose what we’ve selected for low arched feet)
    • Second, practice every day for 1hr. to 4 hr. at home or around your place.
    • After 4 days of practice observe “How you’re feeling with these high heels?”  If you feel okay, you can wear them for longer.
    • Always keep an extra pair of footwear with you in case you find them uncomfortable.
    • When back home, massage your feet and calf with olive oil/coconut oil.
    • After the gentle massage, sit on a chair or mat and stretch feet up and down.


    • If you had any recent surgery.
    • IF you have knee pain, backache or Hip pain.
  • What kind of heel should you wear?

It’s generally advised not to wear heels if it causes any pain and further result in an injury where surgery is the only option. With some precautions and correct selection of heel design you can wear the high heels. Some tips are here that you can think of:

    • Start with 1.5” to 2” sandals. If you’re already comfortable with them choose higher ones.
    • Practice wearing them at home while doing chores.
    • If no pain opt for heel height 2.5” to 3” and again practice.
    • Observe how you feeling!! If okay go for high heels and repeat the steps.
    • Now comes the design of a heel, choose from block heel, wedge sandals, platform heel and then slender heel.
    • Don’t forget to keep an extra pair of comfortable footwear with you.

Most Comfort High Heel For Flat Feet

(Click for Details)
Heel Height & Comfort Level
Height : 2.0 inches
Comfort Level : 4.7
very comfy
can wear entire day.
Height : 2.2 inches
Comfort Level : 4.9
Ortholite foot-bed
rubber outsole
Height : 2.25 inches
Comfort Level : 4.6
Cushioned insole
man-made outsole
Height : 2.5 inches
Comfort Level : 4.8
dual strap
very comfy
Height : 3.0 inches
Comfort Level : 5
very comfy
Height : 3.0 inches
Comfort Level : 4.5
Soft blister free
latex padded insole
Height : 3.25 inches
Comfort Level : 4.4
cushioned insole
comfy wear
Height : 3.4 inches
Comfort Level : 5
very comfortable foot-bed
All day wear
  • How to wear high heels without pain?

Being flat-footed doesn’t always mean that you can’t wear high heels. I always get intrigued by the color, pattern, and the numerous heel designs of pumps, stilettos, and sandals. Wearing high heels feels like you are walking with confidence, displaying a graceful gait and of course forming into the right posture. As I discussed earlier, having any medical issues or if your doctor has advised you not to wear high heels then just don’t do it. Similarly, one can definitely wear ‘em with the right judgment and correct size of the foot.

    • Self-check what type of flat feet you have? Rigid or flexible? If not sure can consult a podiatrist. Consulting with podiatrists would give clear advice.
    • Rigid flat feet won’t easily adapt the shape of the heeled footwear and it will put extra pressure on the middle of the foot and the toes, resulting in pain in the calf, hip, and back, etc.
    • Flexible flat feet can get fit into the shape, but with good care and proper foot relaxing exercises.
    • Initially, wear them for a short time e.g; 3 to 4 hrs. at home or walking nearby places with a heel size of up to 2 to 3 inches.
    • If wearing for longer period of time, it’s wise to keep an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you.
    • Always choose a correct pair of pumps/sandals for your feet, look for right heel-type, wide or narrow design, etc.
    • Don’t wear ‘em throughout the day.
    • Hand massage your feet with essential oil (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Camomile, Rosemary, Cyprus or Peppermint Oil any of these) diluted and mixed with an oil for 10 to 15 mins.
    • Use a foot massage ball or electric massager to relax the muscle and ease the pain.
    • During summers feet get swelled, so it is advised to wear slightly loose or open-toe footwear.
    • If you are planning to buy a custom-designed pump then every single piece of advice is provided by them but that comes with a price and you can’t buy every single pair with having different colors and designs.
    • Selecting with your own? then go for ½ a size up in case you need to put an insole to make your feet pain free.
  • For how long should I wear high heels?

Generally, flat foot or normal, it’s advised not to wear for more than 8 hrs. continuously. If you do so, you might have ache feet, back or calves.

    • Thin heels can’t be worn for longer, not comfy for longer hours.
    • Wide heels with rounded toe box will be better.
    • Latex, orthopedic, cushioned, or N5 insoles enhance comfort level, make feet ache free.
    • While sitting stretch toe and feet upwards and downwards.
  • What should be the height of my heels?

Ideally, the suitable heel height should be around 1½ to 3 inches, still depends on the individual.

Some don’t find any problem wearing 4 inches tall heels. Heel type is also an important factor when deciding the right footwear.

  • Do high heels cause flat feet to worsen or it help?

It is believed that wearing very high heels make the feet flat, in some cases it is hereditary.

Scientists have discovered that women wearing high heels get flat feet that get worse over time if worn on an everyday basis for longer periods.

It is advised to wear supportive insoles to relax the feet or have surgery to reshape the feet.

  • Best high heels for flat feet

Here are some of the Best high heels for flat feet. (Click on Image to get more details).

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Hi-Lo High Heel Platform Pump Sandal

High Heel for Flat Feet

Balance and stability that you needed for your walk, these chunky high heels platform sandals offer comfort for your low arched feet too. I observed pretty good things in these sandals:

  • Designed with soft lining and latex padded insole cushioned foot-bed for enhancing the comfort level and reducing the pain.
  • Outer sole is slip-resistant that is must needed with high heels for steady and safe steps.
  • Adjustable ankle strap for a secure fit.
  • I really appreciate these open-toe heels are designed in smooth vegan leather/suede.
  • Ankle strap is super comfortable. It’s possible that the back of the strap might rub on the back of the heel and get a blister but that’s with most of the high heel sandals. (A bandage can solve this or rubbing wax on the strap from inside can solve this or you can consider using a shoe stretcher.)
  • Easy for walk up-to 8hrs.
  • If you love the bling and height. These heels are pretty comfortable.
  • Not overpriced, sure to give it a go.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Swan High Heel Platform Dress Pump Shoes

Best High Heel for Flat Feet

If you fancy wearing pencil high heels though thinking of your flat-feet, you can give it a try with a few days of practice for an hour and more totally depends on you. With the height and design of heels I would prefer to wear them on special occasions only. Theses lovely pairs comes with:

  • Thermoplastic Rubber Sole which is good to keep you safe from slips and falls.
  • To make you feel comfortable walking or standing, it has faux leather insoles, which is waterproof and vegan too.
  • Beautiful yet inexpensive.

The latest design has removable ankle strap for classic slip-on look, rest is the same. Click here for latest design.

Clarks Women’s Adriel Viola Dress Pump

Pump for Flat feet

I always admire Clarks for comfort. They really have good expertise in designing trendy yet maintaining the foot comfort first. I personally like this the most, though not very high heel pumps. You can always try this if heels fascinate you. It comes with:

  • Very comfortable heel height 3.5”, good to start with if you’ve never tried before with flat feet.
  • Clark’s specialty, cushion soft comfort.
  • It is designed with breathable Ortholite footbed.
  • Excellent stability and balance, good for all day.
  • Leather made, not vegan.

Women’s Hi-Chunk High Heel Pump Sandals

Flat feet with high heel

Wanna try something that reflects your cheerfulness and adding a bit of freshness in your style, then go for this. It won’t be a burden on your pocket and you’ll get the comfort you wanted.

  • Cute high chunky heel with great comfort long day/night wearing.
  • Heel height is perfect 4”, good for walk and comfort.
  • Heel isn’t slender, good for stability and balance.
  • Thermoplastic Rubber Sole which is good to keep you safe from slips and falls.
  • Latex padded insole for added comfort.
  • The chunky heel design is much easier for walk-in.

LifeStride Women’s Charlotte Heeled Sandal

flat feet

Attracting to wear heels that cover your feet, once putting these sandals on, getting worry-free and fully enjoying your walk, then this is the right one for you.

  • Stylish and sophisticated heeled sandals.
  • Flex, soft cushion insole for good support.
  • Heel support for balance and stability.
  • Recommended for low arched feet.
  • Straps are stretchy.

People having flat feet can choose low and stable heels to a maximum of three inches. The heels need to be well structured and light with a lace or strap. They must have a well-insulated insole and outsole that will flex with the movement of the feet while walking. High heels should be worn for a short time on special occasions. The shoes must have a broad toe box to accommodate the toes.

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