Last updated : 29/04/2020

Running requires a vast movement of the feet and exertion of the leg muscles. In cases where people have flat feet the arches of the foot collapse and the feet touch the ground. This flattening of the arches lead to  a number of problems like heel and ankle pain, bunions, knee and lower back pain.

Running with flat feet techniques

Running with flat feet can affect a runner’s performance and it can also be painful for the athlete. This problem can be easily avoided by following certain tips and running techniques for flat feet.  These runners should adopt the proper running with flat feet techniques. The correct   running technique is important for flat foot runners to achieve the best results.  Each person with flat feet has a different landing of the feet as he runs. The best advisory for knowing whether the fore-foot, mid foot or heel running is best for the individual person.  Another running flat feet technique is that the runner should keep an erect posture while running to avoid more problems associated with flat foot runners.

Tips for running with flat feet

Experts advise runners with flat feet to wear the right pair of shoes which are specially designed by manufacturers for these runners. Insoles can also be inserted to provide support to the flat feet while running. Customed orthotics from a podiatrist is the best solution for flat feet runners. A flat foot runner must stretch after each run to prevent problems arising from flat feet. There are some special exercises which are found to be very helpful for running with flat feet. Runner must exercise the quadriceps, hamstrings and arches of the feet. These can be done by sitting on the chair with feet placed flat on the ground over a dishtowel. Then roll the toes over the ground as if grasping the towel and then moving the towel upwards with the toes. This workout must be repeated twenty times with each foot. Strengthening of the ankle muscles is very important for any runner but specially more for a flat fee runner. One can stand on one leg for 30 seconds and then do the same with the other leg.

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These tips for running flat feet people and flat feet techniques will prove to be very helpful in enhancing the performance of the flat foot runners.