Unlike a normal foot massage, foot reflexology massage has the ability to comfort and heal other problems. Professional foot reflexologists claim to heal the organs related to the pressure point of the feet. The idea promotes the healthy habit of relaxation mixed with body healing.

Meanwhile, the techniques involved also vary upon the experience of the person and the requirements of the client. Foot reflexology massage is highly evolving and adapted through the massage and reflexology centers. While it is easy to confuse a simple and a reflexology massage, the latter always has a long-lasting and healing effect too.

The difference from normal massage technique

The normal foot massage techniques mostly revolve around the process of muscle and joint relaxation. The difference between the reflexology massage technology and the ordinary one is the focus on pressure points. Each reflex point is directly connected through to the larger picture. 

The entire nerve distribution and the related body parts receive optimum relaxation. This means that by focusing on the select reflex points, the reflexology foot massage also provides ample relief and relaxation from pain to the whole body.

Advantages of Foot Reflexology Massage

The advantages of the foot reflexology massage over the ordinary techniques are plenty. Some of the common ones are:

Nerve Relief

The nerve branches propagate throughout the body and the hay end of the system is the foot. Through optimum reflexology foot massage, these nerves can be eased up and any nodes in between are cleared. Hence, a more comforting soothing sensation supports the healing process. 

Blood Circulation

It allows for easy circulation of blood through the veins. A higher circulation rate means greater purification. Moreover, the oxygen content in the blood goes up. Hence, it makes for a nicely hydrated and freshened-up blood flow and content.

Swelling Treatment

The nerve or muscle swells are also easily treated through the foot reflexology massage. This makes sure that there is no unwanted pain or lumps in the feet.

Solves Headache/Anxiety

Not many are aware, but foot reflexology massage also relaxes the headache. Because the common ideology for the reflexologists is that every nerve is interconnected, hence one nicely treated pressure point stimulates overall ease. This also solves the anxiety issues by relaxing the mind and the nerves as well.

Injury Prevention

When given properly, foot reflexology techniques also prevent injuries to the athletes or runners. This makes sure to keep an elevated level of performance with the right relaxation as well.

Involved Technique

The most common method for the technique involved in the reflexology foot massage is through the thumb. This also relies on the recognition of the various zones along the foot and sub-dividing them. Once done, these zones are treated one by one through the respective reflexology points. By doing so, a wholesome reflexology foot massage is ensured. The process involves:

  • Thumb walk-up relaxation technique for the spine area
  • Thumb walk-down technique for the spine area
  • Sub-division of the toes into zones for bladder stomach, and spleen region
  • Massaging the sides for the waistline
  • Massaging the bottom front for the chest area relaxation