With the stressful environment and work routines, physical effects and stresses keep growing too. One of the common complaints that most people have presently is a pain in the bottom of the foot. This fits the modern-day projection of diseases and complaints on a large scale. While there are plenty of reasons, some are common and also recurring. This means that an understanding of them and also their cures are quite helpful to avoid this misery. It also plays an important role for people to move about their normal regime. Here are the common reason of bottom foot pain.

Causes and Cures for the Foot Pain Misery

Plantar Fasciitis

The Plantar Fascia at the bottom of the foot’s sole is responsible for load taking and also support. It can suffer through overloading and exposure to stress which means it is prone to injury. 

Reasons for the damage:

  • Stress rupture
  • Bad footwear
  • Shock loading or hurting
  • Incorrect Walking form
  • Heredity 
  • Obesity
  • Improper foot arch

While most of these factors are external, some are internal too. Meanwhile, there is some curing procedure for every originating reason for Plantar Fasciitis.


  • Rest: If the pain is minimal, rest and relaxation with slight medication can also be helpful.
  • Orthotics: It can be helpful by enhancing the arch and correcting foot posture.
  • Arch Support: Gives extra buffer to the arch profile and also reduces heel loading.
  • Supporting Footwear: Prefer a better choice of shoes that suit the purpose. Highly helpful for people who cannot afford to rest because of their busy routine.

Morton’s Neuroma

It is the medical expression that also indicates the pain in and near the bottom foot-ball. It starts with mild discomfort and also irritation. However, periodic stress and lack of attention sees it turning into pain (sometimes unbearable) 

Reasons behind the distress:

  • Sporting Injuries: Improper posture during porting movements also cause these.
  • Improper fitting Heels: This is another problem that comes in because of improper posture. 
  • Toe injuries: Can result from toe injuries also, which come from impact or other reasons.


  • Medication: If it is relatively new and less painful, consult medical services, and take adequate medicines.
  • Replace the footwear: It is often seen that wrong footwear causes this problem too. Change over and see if it helps.
  • Massages and Therapy: Use regular massage and joint therapy for reducing problems.

. Foot Ulcer

An outcome of over-shooting diabetic tendencies, foot ulcers are painful too. Not only are they disturbing but also open in nature that also causes other infections. These evolve slowly and are hard to cure or get rid of. Moreover, they increase with the increase in diabetics as well.

Reasons for the ulcers:

  • Person’s Inability to control diabetes: Especially for people who have uncontrollable diabetic consequences.
  • Improper Hygiene: Wearing unhygienic footwear, socks, etc. Even ignoring small open blisters results in such ulcers.
  • Injury-centric Wounds: Improper treatment and post-care of the open wounds that stay back after the injury.


  • Controlling diabetes and taking appropriate medical help from medical practitioners.
  • Patching of foot wounds until it disappears and use of proper creams.
  • Use of proper and hygienic footwear and support too.