Nursing is an exhaustive profession that takes a lot of physical toil on the body. Long hours spent at work, either standing or moving around are tiresome yet unavoidable. Moreover, the high amount of movement and the working postures are also tough.

This can be further aggravated if the nurse has a flat foot or a low arch. As a result, every nursing professional must need special footwear to deal with the stresses accumulated with the foot. We list the top shoes for nurses with flat feet here.

The foot is the body part that bears the most pressure for carrying the person through the entire day. Special footwear for nurses with a low arch or flat feet makes life easier during the long shifts.

Best Shoes for Nurses with Flat Feet

Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

Women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers - Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Lady Girls Modern Jazz Dance Easy Shoes Platform Loafers | Best Nurse shoes

Slow Man Shoes are the right product when it comes to longevity and daily use applications. The product is also lightweight and has the ability to adhere to the feet like a pair of socks. Moreover, the outside air cushioning prevents any sort of chance for damage to the feet during the work schedule. Available in a large variety of sizes and colors, the product is highly usable for nurses with strict routines and tight schedules who desire superlative feet comfort.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Arch: Prominent arch profile makes it highly advantageous for nurses who have flat feet. It enhances and supports the arch for working ease and pain relief too.
  • Perforated Design: Perspiration is longer an issue for unhygienic or slippery feet with this product. The perforated design provides continuous air venting and re-circulation.
  • Air cushioning: The outer sole is air-cushioned which provides an ample amount of security and resistance again impact or stress in the heel or toes. 

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Work Shoe

Crocs Men's and Women's On The Clock Work Shoe | Slip Resistant Work Shoes | Work Shoe for Nurses

The shoe is a custom-made product by the renowned crocs for people who work round the clock. Comfort and ease of wearing are the highlighted aspects of the Crocs work shoe. Moreover, the bottom of the shoe has treads that provide the right traction to make the product into a slip-resistant one. This also makes it efficient on slippery floors and tiles for indoor usage at hospitals by nurses. The shoe has the right comfort insole for nurses with flat feet. 

Key Features

  • Croslite foam: Provides the right amount of cushioning and rest factor for the working class. Nurses with long watch schedules shall accommodate these for highly relaxed feet.
  • Custom Design: True to its name, the product is custom designed for nurses and other major working individuals. The slip-on feature too has been designed while keeping in check their needs. 
  • Fully Molded: The design is highly durable as a result of the fully molded design. It provides no loose edges for the wear down of the product or the feet either. 

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Work Shoe

The use of custom Birkenstock material for the manufacturing of the working shoes has been the highlight of the company. These unisex working shoes are the easy to wear kind with no hassle or fuss. The shoe design consists of ample space on the sides and the front of the toes. However, there is a good hold at the heels to also ensure a perfect fit for the product according to the feet profile. The product proves itself as a durable and rugged option for nurses on a long work schedule. 

Key Features

  • Alpro-Foam: The custom Alpro-foam design from Birkenstock manufacturers is the product highlight. It provides the right cushioning and heel support for the nurses during their work.
  • Heel-Toe gradient: The heel to toe gradient for the product is high which provides the right support. The product is customized for relaxation support to the extremities. 
  • Front Collar: The front collar and the tongue provide the right support for the shoe design to adhere to the user’s feet. Moreover, the profiling is comfortable as well as low on weight. 

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Evolution

The Skechers go walk evolution shoes provide the right mix of light-weight and trendy shoes for the nurses at work. These have a quarter overlap design that is also useful to provide the extra support and enclosure safety to the feet. The high up lace profile provides the right grip onto the foot profile to ensure that the shoe becomes an integral aspect of the feet itself. The product is a mid-range variable for the budget-friendly and the durability longing working-class women. 

  • Arch Support: Customized pillar support at the heel and toe initiation provides the right amount of enhancement to the arch profile for nurses with flat feet.
  • Cushioned Insole: The high rebound design for the insole makes sure that every step is comfortable and relaxed. No jerk or impact can be a trouble-causing factor. 
  • Breathable: The design is customized in a way that accommodates the nurses and their watch requirements. Through breathable sole, the feet are kept cool and free from sweat too. 

VenusCelia Women’s Flat Loafer

VenusCelia Women's Natural Comfort Walking Flat Loafer | Best Shoes for nurses

The budget-friendly version of the daily usage shoes for working nurses is highly accommodative for the task. The sole is customized with a protruded bottom design for absorbing the load and keeping the feet relaxed. With the compact design and easy slip-on feature, a loafer is a handy option for nurses with tight schedules. These are also usable for the flat feet through a supportive insole feature. The idea to keep the sweat away is by providing ample cooling through a perforated side design. 

Key Features

  • Padded Insole: The padded form of the insole is highly supportive for nurses or working ladies with a low arch or flat feet. It provides adequate comfort and relaxation 
  • Moccasins style: The design has the inherent feature of being a flat and lightweight one due to the Moccasins style of making.
  • Massage Function: The bottom of the footwear has an integrated design to provide a massaging feature for the foot. 

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

The Nurse Mates shoe design is a customized form of footwear for the prolonged use of nurses. It keeps in mind the intricacies of the task such as safety, spill prevention, and comfort for the bottom. The design is a single cast and has seamless make to provide the right rigidity. Moreover, it comes with a solid toe front to prevent any chances of injury due to toe banging or unintentional step over. The nurse mates shoe is also high on safety for the top of the foot through a completely enclosed working design.

Key Features

  • Friction Treads: The bottom part has customized friction treads at the positions under the heel and the front chest of the foot. This provides the right grip on the slippery indoor floors too. 
  • Side Padding: The side collars for the shoe have secure padding to a high profile. This is included to provide the right grip as well as comfort.
  • High arch: The shoe has high arch support with a padded insole to provide the right amount of relief for the plantar fascia.

JOOMRA Women Lightweight Sneakers

The Joomra Lightweight Sneakers for the working ladies are high on comfort and relaxation for the feet. The design also has an integral feature of providing an adequate amount of airflow into the feet and keep it cool. These are highly helpful for the long nursing shifts with a lot of undue stress and pressure on the feet. The entire length of the shoe is sporadically meshed for the footwear to be low on weight and absorb the perspiration. 

Key Features

  • 3D Woven upper: The design provides the grid feature for the footwear to adhere closely to the foot profile. Meanwhile, the perforations also provide cooling throughout. 
  • Integrated collar: An integrated collar with the top part of the tongue provides foot casing. This produces the right snuggled fit and comfort too.
  • Flex grooves: The outer design has the right touch of flexibility for every movement with the integral flex groove design feature. 

Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Women’s Footwear

The Gravity Defyer design is a proven and tested alternative for the purpose of pain relief. It is specially customized for women who have plantar fasciitis or may exhibit a low arch or flat feet. With the help of orthotics insole, the idea is to assist the pain relief procedure for the plantar fascia. Through this, it becomes possible for the nurses who might suffer feet related issues due to their job profile to be able to work continuously. The shoe has a meshed pattern for the sides and the top too. 

Key Features

  • VersoShock Technology: The design has the patented feature of the spring-like shock absorption technique. This reduces the energy dissipation and conserves it for further momentum in the stride. 
  • Removable insoles: The custom insoles are removable to accommodate the use of orthotic insoles for the plantar fasciitis cases or low arch feet.
  • Space around the toes: This makes the footwear integrally usable for the patients of diabetes who suffer from foot blisters or wounds. 

STQ Slip-On Breathe Mesh-Type Shoes Women

STQ Slip-On Breathe Mesh-Type Shoes Women | Shoes for nurses

The design has a simple slip-on feature for the working class nurses for an easy usage property. The tongue and the collar are seamlessly integrated with the form of a knit profile to provide proper enclosure. Because the top part of the shoe is thoroughly knit, hence the weight of the shoe is low and easy to handle. The shoe has a single cast design so as to provide a durable and lasting output in a decent budget. 

Key Features

  • PU outsole: The outsole of the shoe is provided with the feature of air cushioning to accommodate for the bumps. It makes the design extremely helpful for the comfort of the patients of plantar fasciitis. 
  • High Arch: The design has a high arch integrated into the mid-section. This makes it useful for nurses who have flat feet to accommodate the toe and heel comfort and relieve the pain.
  • Heel height: The ratio of the platform level to the heel height makes it perfectly snuggled around the heel. This is helpful for daily base activities and long shifts

Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker

Reebok Women's Princess Sneaker | Best Shoes for nurses

The quality assurance of Reebok in the traditional tongued design is the prime aspect of the shoe. The princess sneakers are especially for the working-class women who spend long hours of the day in transport on at their respective work stations. For nurses with the issue of foot pain or improper support, these are highly useful through their mid-sole support and the simple collar design. The lace profile also keeps the footwear tightly snuggled for easy movement. 

Key Features

  • EVA midsole: The EVA midsole technology is specially designed for working women with large walking time. It helps to provide the right pressure relief at the midsole and hence an efficient posture.
  • Padded foam sockliner: This provides the right amount of padding and cushioning at the heel and the toe. The footwear thus relieves the accumulation of pressure at the foot extremities and makes a healthy foot.
  • Leather upper: Provides the right amount of comfort and support through close profiling of the foot. 

Buyer’s Guide for the ideal shoes for nurses with flat feet

The right shoes for nurses with flat feet are extremely necessary. Due to the stained periods of work without any scope for rest, it becomes trickier. Moreover, an emergency can occur at any time and foot pain or lack of mobility can be lethal for the patients. Certain essential traits for the right choice of shoes for nurses with flat feet are:

Proper Arch Support

The intricate nature of the task with rigorous work conditions creates a lot of foot problems. Moreover, nurses with flat foot or low arch can further strain their heel or toes while working. This will create extra load on the Achilles tendon. There is also a possibility of the Plantar Fascia to get injured due to the stressful work regime. Hence, arch support is extremely important for the choice of shoes for nurses with flat feet. The arch support will enhance the arch and provide the much-needed relief to the extremities of the feet.

Custom Insoles

The custom insoles are highly helpful for the right shoe for nurses with flat feet. The insoles are designed in a way as to provide the right amount of support at the pressure points and the critical joints. For instance, due to the rigorous work profile, the front ball joint is highly prone to injuries. A custom insole takes care of this through the right buffer. Moreover, nurses with flat feet can have an issue of worn muscles or foot spasms. These can result from the flat profile and the constant pressure exerted onto these muscles. Hence, the custom insoles sit perfectly and provide foot profiling for the right cushioning at the critical points. 

Heel Profiling

For the most experienced nurses, the common complaint has always been the pain in their heels. Moreover, the ones with flat feet have a higher chance of damaging or injuring their heel in the line of daily work. This can result in further spasms and impact load on the kneecaps too. Hence, the heels are absolutely critical when it comes to choosing the right shoe for the nurses with flat feet. A good shoe will profile the heel closely and provide ample cushion support. Moreover, the ability to absorb pressure upon impact or bump is also necessary, in addition to flexible profiling.

Making Material

Leather, synthetic and woven materials are the preferred material of choice for the shoes for nurses who have flat feet or low arches. The ability of these to accommodate flexibility issues and provide the ease of movement is also important in the making of the shoe. Moreover, the material would provide for a perfect profile for the top of the foot for the right enclosure to protect from any external factors or damages. The durability of leather for prolonged use also ensures that spills or dust do not damage the shoe on a shorthand. Meanwhile, synthetic leather or certain rubber-clad accessories can also be a good alternative for the purpose. The idea is to provide the right support and also with the right flexibility. Woven Fabrics are also an extremely friendly option for the purpose of preventing feet perspiration and sweat accumulation. 


What shoes do nurses wear if they have flat feet?

For nurses who have flat feet, comfort, and arch support are highly essential. Hence, most nurses who have a low arch will choose footwear with the right padding at the arch profile. Moreover, the use of custom insoles or the orthotics insoles is also advised for these flat feet. Because of this, footwear with removable insoles is also preferred by the nurses for use in the case of flat feet or low arch.

Moreover, additional cushioning can be used or the use of clinically approved shoes is an alternate possibility in extreme cases of pain. These are approved by the registered practitioners or the coaches with the right knowledge. 

What problem could a nurse face if they have flat feet?

Due to the rigorous working pattern and the long shifts, flat feet can be a major cause of distress. The problems faced by nurses with flat feet can range from short term to long term issues. For instance, the pain in heel or toes can be a starter’s sign for the problem. Further stress exposure can cause the Achilles tendon to stiffen and suffer through tears.

 Plantar fasciitis is another long-term issue faced. All these can be the probable reasons for the decline in work efficiency and also the work rate. For a critical job like that of a nurse, it can be very lethal in the long run.