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Best Insoles For Flat Feet

What is Flat Foot Every individual has a different shape and size of feet as per body structure. This can be a result of heredity, medical condition, or the biological origin of the person. If a person feels the bottom of [...]

Best Insoles For Flat Feet2020-05-21T17:55:30+00:00

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Feet with Normal arches help absorb the shock with each strike and distribute it evenly and maintain the balance. So, you can imagine what happens when you have collapsed arches.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet2020-05-11T12:42:25+00:00

How to Wear High Heels with Flat Feet

If you love wearing high heels and you know you have flatfeet, the main question comes to your mind is “Should I wear high heels without having pains?”. Most important, check what type of flat feet you have rigid or flexible. If you have flexible, [...]

How to Wear High Heels with Flat Feet2020-05-11T10:22:37+00:00