How to Wear High Heels with Flat Feet


A person with flat foot has a fallen arch in which the foot loses the curve on the inner side of the foot. This can be of a flexible version when the weight is applied on the foot and the rigid version is when the foot touches the ground with pressure. The flexible version of flat feted people can wear high heels, whereas the others with rigid version of flat feet will have trouble in wearing high heels.

The high heels for flat people that are flexible should be one or two inches high. The height of the heel can be increased if the person can build the strength and flexibility of the muscles in the bottom of their foot with suitable exercises. But for those who have a rigid flat foot high heels are not recommended because the foot cannot get the alignment with the body to wear heels.

The pros for wearing high heels by flat  foot people is that it gives grace and confidence to the women and she can take small lady like steps. Their legs look slimmer and sexy. The disadvantage of high heels for flat foot people is that there is the risk of varicose bones, bunions, blisters and pain in ankle, knees and back. There is danger of falls when the heel sinks into the mud or dirt.

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Flat foot people can choose low and stable heels to a maximum of three inches. The heels need to be well structured and light with a lace or strap. They must have well insulated insole and out sole that will flex with the movement of the feet while walking. High heels should not be worn for a short time on special occasions by flat foot people. The shoes must have a broad toe box to accommodate the toes.

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